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TSP Program

Learn more about our Targeted Student Population program.  Click here.


Learn more about what's happening in our Intervention program. Click here.

Instructional Coach

Learn more about what our Instructional Coach is doing to help our staff and students be the best they can be.  Click here.

SEL Program

Learn more about how we help our Standard English Learners. Click here.

Faculty & Staff

The faculty & staff at Nevada Avenue Elementary welcome you! 

We cannot wait to meet and get to know each of our families. 

Administration and Instructional Support Staff

Name Position Email
Tanya Nott Principal

Terri Borgard Assistant Principal, EIS
Miriam Espana Targeted Student Population Advisor
Laurie Anderson Intervention Support Coordinator
Jeanny Chang Instructional Coach
Theresa Pinhey Burnett Standard English Language Coach


Early Childhood Education * Call the Office at 818-348-2169

Class Teacher Contact Info Class Teacher Contact Info
PALS - Rm. 2 A. Morse   PALS - Rm. 11 E. Marlaine  
PALS - Rm. 3 R. Larsen   ETK - Rm. 10 S. Lopez  
      PCC - Rm. 10 L. Marks  


Primary Grades * Call the Office at 818-348-2169

Grade / Room Teacher Contact Info
Kinder - Rm. 20 C. De Ruiz  
Kinder - Rm. 21 I. Lam  
Kinder - Rm. 13 D. Gamino  
First - Rm. 5 M. Martinez  
First - Rm. 6 G. Jessup-Hazel  
First / Second - Rm. 26 M. Gonzalez  
Second - Rm. 24 G. Sanchez  
Second - Rm. 25 T. Bueche  


Upper Grades * Call the Office at 818-348-2169

Grade / Room Teacher Contact Info
Third - Rm. 17 K. Wylie  
Third - Rm. 18 C. Buitriago  
Fourth - Rm. 15 F. Sanchez  
Fourth - Rm. 16 S. Lea  
Fifth - Rm. 29 C. Herrera  
Fifth - Rm. 30 K. Jensen  


Special Education Classes * Call the Office at 818-348-2169

Class / Room Teacher Contact Info
K - 1 Aut Core S. Mignogna  
2 - 3 Aut Core A. Crawford  
4 - 5 Aut Core L. Leal