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SBAC Resources

Ways you can help your child prepare for the SBAC


Third Grade English Language Arts Expectations:

-The student will be able to read independently at least (2) books per month and respond to them in writing.

-The student should be able to independently read a passage and respond to questions using complete sentences and evidence from the text. (citing evidence)

-The student should be able to gather and use information from more than one source and combine it into their writing. (using multiple sources)

-The  student should be able to use information from text, video, audio, pictures, powerpoints, articles and other sources.

-The student  should be able to write multiple paragraphs, not just one.

-The  student should be able to type multiple paragraphs using a standard keyboard.

How can you help your child prepare for the SBAC test?

  1. Have your child practice the above skills.

    Go to the SBAC website and do the practice test.  You may do it as many times as you want.  Each time your child practices, will help your child be more successful on the SBAC.  Getting to the practice test:

  2. go to the website

  3. click on the box that saysTake the Practice and Training Tests

  4. click on the sign in box

  5. select the grade (3)

  6. click on the yes box

  7. click on a test

  8. click select

  9. click start my test

  10. complete the sound check

  11. click on Begin Test Now and do the test

  12. Have your child complete the homework and go over the DLR after it has been corrected by the student.

  13. Encourage your child each day.

  14. Have your child read each night including non-fiction books.

Helpful Math and Reading Websites -Games to help children practice their math - games  and activities to help children improve math skills - games and activities to help children improve math skills – reading, writing, grammar, and math activities that can be used to help children practice those skills -good site for non fiction reading and activtities (website con informacion en espanol about leyendo con su children (vocabulary website; rice is  donated for every correct answer) (choose Nevada Avenue Elementary School, and then choose parent resources)  Our librarian created this page with great resources for students. (fun reading site for practicing reading comprehension skills)